23 April 2018
A Three-Part Workshop: “Arbitration at the SIAC: The Inside Track”

Workshop 3: Applications under the SIAC Rules 2016

On 23 April 2018, the finale of a three-part workshop on arbitration at the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) was successfully held by SIAC and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Singapore (CIArb, Singapore). The workshop was attended by arbitrators, practitioners, in-house counsel and third-party funders, who were eager to hear the Secretariat’s views on the various applications that may be made under the SIAC Rules.

Similar to the first two workshops, the final leg commenced with a welcome address by Ms Camilla Godman (Regional Director, CIArb), where the primacy of various applications under the SIAC Rules was addressed. Ms Godman then concluded her address by introducing the moderator of the day, Mr Timothy Cooke (Partner, Stephenson Harwood LLP) and the panel from SIAC, Mr Kevin Nash (Deputy Registrar & Centre Director, SIAC), Ms Khyati Raniwala (Associate Counsel, SIAC) and Ms Qian Wu (Associate Counsel, SIAC).

In the course of the discussion, the panel offered their insights on various procedures under the SIAC Rules, such as the emergency arbitrator, jurisdictional objection, early dismissal, joinder, multiple contracts and consolidation, and expedited procedure. The panel shed light on practical issues such as the tests generally adopted by emergency arbitrators in determining whether to grant emergency interim relief, the difference between the tests of “exceeding the scope of its jurisdiction” and “manifestly outside the jurisdiction of the tribunal” under Rules 28.3(b) and 29.1(b) of the SIAC Rules 2016, how the institution treated confidentiality of an arbitration in the event a non-party was joined to the arbitration, and the meaning of each criteria under Rule 8.1 for the consolidation of arbitrations.

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Left to Right: Timothy Cooke, Khyati Raniwala, Kevin Nash and Qian Wu

Members of the audience

The participants took the opportunity to seek the Secretariat’s views on some interesting issues relating to the various procedures. One of which was whether it would be helpful for parties, who would like to facilitate consolidation to the maximum extent possible, to include express language in the arbitration agreement consenting to consolidation. The panel explained that although such language might be sufficient to bring in an application, the circumstances and the extent to which the parties wished to consolidate the arbitrations in the event of a dispute would nonetheless be examined. Mr Nash also stressed that even with an agreement on consolidation, the “stamp of approval” by the SIAC Court was still required.

The workshop concluded with Mr Cooke thanking the participants for coming not only to the finale but also the other two workshops. Mr Cooke then expressed his gratitude to the panel from SIAC for taking the time to share their insights with the attendees.
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